Saii: Hana & Sum



Dining and living spaces are merging. Apartments are becoming smaller
but furniture has not kept up with this change. Saii is a living and dining hybrid furniture designed in the context of sharing and multipurpose living for millennials.

The collection consists of 'Hana', a modular sofa system and 'Sum', a dining/coffee table with nesting meal trays. The collection focuses on versatility and mobility. Each module of Hana sits one person but can be put together in many ways for flexible uses. Sum contrarily offers a communal surface to gather around while also giving options to have one's own eating surface; the trays are sized specifically for the type of the food the demographic likes that can be exemplified as a 'bowl food'.

Please watch below video that shows the concept in depth.


C. Driver: roommates and bowls

0.9 percent of millennials have roommates, often from different fields, age groups and culture. Saii is designed to highlight such individuality of millennials that live together. Millennials' predilection for single dish food is exceptional. The type of food that millennials take out or cook is formally bound in a single bowl or plate. Saii is proportioned based on various types of compact meals for ideal dining experience as well as its minimal footprint.

D. Strategy: split and share

Saii is designed for maximum flexbility to conform to different events, food and people. Rather than having a whole sofa or table, Saii as a collection has individual seatings and trays that can optionally be put together for larger surface / seating area. 

A. Observation: merging dining and living space

More housings and apartments are combining  dining and living spaces to save on square footage as well as to address growing predilection for casual dining. Yet, dining and living furniture has not kept up with such circumstancial change.

B. Demographics:  millennials 

Millennials were the target demographic to base the design of Saii.  As they have attention span shorter than goldfish, they  necessitate and appreciate a secondary element to entertain them while dining. In a sense, living room is a more appropriate space for millennials to dine in. 


Scenario A: work next to your meditating roommate

With Saii, you can arrange and orient the seatings as you like. You do not have to feel reluctant to go out to the living room in a worry that you might bother your roommate as your living room is furnished with individual seatings. 

Scenario B:  simply pull out trays and ottomans to party

Often, there are unexpected guests that become a party. Saii is always ready for parties, tea times and get together with extra trays and ottomans.

Scenario C:  make your ordinary salad Instagrammable

The trays are optimized not only for different types of compact meals, consumed by millennials but also for intriguing graphics to promote sharing one's meal on social media. It will be a successful marketing to be tagged with food related hashtags as food is one of the most popular themes on Instagram that will reach wider demographics.


Saii is composed of a single-seater sofa system, Hana and a table with trays, Sum. The collection promotes both individual and collaborative activities, making a living room more approachable and versatile space for millennials.

Hana is a sofa system, composed of straight, corner, and ottoman units. Each can serve as a single-seater or be combined in a variety of ways. The strap detail adds an element of mobility.

Sum is a table with three trays of different sizes. The table itself becomes a center to gather around in a living room while trays function as  personal serving plates. The trays that can stack on one another are porportioned  to adapt to a wide range of compact meals.

The dimensions of small and medium trays are informed by the types of food commonly  consumed by millennials: from homemade acai bowl to bigmac.





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