Dimple is often considered a hospital feature, for it only appears when one smiles. The indentation on the cheeks became a driver for the formal language of the piece while friendliness of dimple aligned with the typology of sofa as hospitality furniture.

Dimple is designed to mark intriguing presence in both home and communal environment. Its exposed frame gives a sense of lightheartedness and industrial elegance while rounded upholstery balances the coldness of the frame. 

Dimple is composed of three parts: frame, cushions, and upholstery. The frame is made of bent steel rods, welded together and powder-coated. It clips into the angular slits of the upholstery piece and gets to be bolted from underneath. The bottom cushion gets fixed with Velcro to the upholstery while the back cushion simply lays against a fabric piece.