Paloma is a guest chair, characterized by the beautiful balance between lines and curves. Inspired by the silhouette of a dove, its curved back and seat offer an ergonomic experience while straight legs highlights its formal brevity.

*please watch the video below for the full concept.


Paloma is gradually sculpted from poetic expressions and contextual explorations of a dove. Pure inspirations slowly formalized into a chair after iterations of sketch and ergonomic research via 3D modeling and visualizing.

*press the arrows in the image for more process.

   Paloma is designed to stack with a level of elegance. The round-over on the tip of the legs allow smoother insertion of the legs and protect the tips.The bottom of the chair does not touch the seat, allowing the seat to be kept undamaged and clean.  

Available in different finish and pad options, Paloma caters to various spaces and clients with unique spatial presence. 

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